Baby Quilt and Matching Onesie

So you know how my logo says fabric, paper, lifestyle? Well you may have noticed that there is a serious lack of fabric! I have been making baby quilts for friends now for a while, and although i have always been proud of the result, i have never quite been sure if I was confident enough to sell them. Until now!

Growing up, my brother's best friend was like a second brother to me. He came with us on all of our family vacations, slept over all the time, and criticized my choice in boyfriends just like any brother would do. Now he is all grown up and has a family of his own, which will soon be getting a new addition of a little girl due in October. I am really excited to have a little niece, and decided a baby blanket and matching onesie was in order. The fabric is from the Park Slope collection by Erin McMorris, which i purchased from Etsy seller FabricWorm. The back is a really soft cream colored velour which is sooooo nice to the touch.

Then i just had to make a little matching onesie! I love the star because it is simple enough, and with the birdie fabric it has a cute little personality, just like i am sure this little baby will have too.


phea jean said...

looks great sarah! i'm so impressed!!!

AEO said...

Love it!!

Chen Reichert said...

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