Thing-A-Day 2009

What have I done!? Some crazy person just took over my body and signed me up for Thing-A-Day 2009. What is this business you ask? Well here is a description:

Inspired by a year-long class project at NYU, Thing-A-Day is a unique
idea designed to encourage people to create one new item, object,
tool, or work of art every for the entire month of February.

The process is simple (well, simple to write about, the execution may
be another matter). Beginning February 1st, you'll make one thing of
your choice each day, then hustle over to the participant blog and
post details of what you've done (including pictures, if you choose)
before midnight. Then repeat the next day. And the next. And the next.

Organizers say you should spend at least 20 minutes a day on your
creation, but not more than an hour on each project.

Like I said, what have I done!?

Between work, hitting the gym in hopes of becoming a "bride-of-steal", planning a mostly DIY wedding, repainting my house, training my cats not to chew their tails, and of course my duties at RedRedOrange one might wonder where creating a Thing-A-Day fits into my schedule. Yes. I am wondering the same thing myself. I have a few concepts, so stay tuned for my Thing-A-Day disaster in progress!

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