Thing-A-Day 2009, Day 14

Happy Valentines Day!
I hope you had a great weekend with your loved ones, and if you were like us you probably stayed in rather than going out to an expensive dinner. We had a great time watching the slam dunk contest (the guy who won was my height, 5'6" and some how jumped over a nearly 7 foot man) and cooking a delicious meal.

We made a shrimp and andouille sausage pot pie with a puff pastry top from this month's Bon Appetit. it was AMAZING. I probably gained a few pounds, and I admit I ate way too much, but hey its in the name of love.

you can find the recipe here!

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AEO said...

Sara, I love this print. Save it so that I can order some cards for next Valentine's Day, k??

We got your STD last night. It's fantastic. I'm so proud of you! Hope you are having a great day so far!!! I'm going to check out the recipe now. I'll have to send you the one we made- yummy! Actually, just check the blog, it's on there!