A Quilt for Baby Tse

Yay! my coworker Konrad and his wife are quickly approaching the due date of their first baby, a little boy!

Konrad has a serious aversion to butterflies and chrysalises (good thing he isnt having a girl!) but hopefully not sea creatures because they are all over this quilt.

I finally made the pilgrimage up to Purl in NYC, something I have been dying to do for EVER. It was just as amazing as I had hoped! They have a wonderfully edited selection of fabrics arranged in rainbow order (as all things including sweaters, crayons and books should be) from floor to ceiling.

I found the cutest little fat quarter set including Alexander Henry's Marina print, some cool faux bois (eat your heart out, Martha!) and the most delicate white fabric with teeny tiny blue circles.

My sewing is really improving, i was even daring enough to attempt actual machine quilting for once instead of using my hand ties that I have done in the past. Just one rectangle of it, but hey, you have to start somewhere! All of this is a warm up for the extreme task that lies before me: Quilting not one, but TWO blankets for my niece and nephew that are due this summer. Thats right, TWINS!


AEO said...

Sarah, the quilt is great!! Of couse I love the color scheme, as every baby should be introduced to Americana (ie- Fourth of July!) as soon as possible. I can't wait to see what you make for Lemon and Lime!

sondra lee said...

looking good sarah!