Niece and Nephew

I am feeling a bit under the weather today, so I am just going to leave you with this:
Last weekend I brought the new lens with me up to visit my cute niece and nephew. They are almost 4 months old, but for some reason they still do not understand commands like "find the light with your eyes" or "stop eating those leaves" or "can you please stop squirming, my shutter speed is really low". They are so cute and well behaved that you cant help but forgive them, especially when they let you bury them in leaves to do an amateur photo shoot.

//via Me!

The Leap Frog is in the first picture, and The Bear is the star of the next. as you can see they are very confused by the mounds of leaves surrounding them. So sad I won't get to see them until Christmas time, they are going to be so big!

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AEOT said...

Love those pics, Bearsy. Your mom sent them to me. They are getting so big (and so cute!). Are you guys all spending Thanksgiving with the inlaws? What are your parents doing? You'll have fun with them at Christmas. They'll be sitting SO well by then!

Pics of the new house posted on my blog!!