Eco Friendly Bread Bag- Bolsa para pan!

During college I lived in Barcelona with an amazing family with two kids and a set of grandparents who lived in the apartment building next door. My Spanish Grandfather, Manolo, or "Yayo" as his grandkids called him, played a very important role in my stay with the Ramón Casbas family. He and his wife, Orosia took me on a walk the first day I arrived to show me where the metro stop was that I would take to la Universitat, and made sure that i knew how to purchase my ticket. They showed me Joan Miró park, and his statue called "Dona i Ocell" (Woman and Bird in Catalán). They really helped me get adjusted to life in Spain. 
Every morning, Yayo was the first person I would see. I would be getting ready for class and in he would come with piping hot bread right from the bakery on the corner. "Pan caliente!" he would say to me, leaving two of the warm loaves on the countertop in the kitchen for our family, and taking the third with him. I would immediately eat the heel of one loaf which I am sure was against the rules.
My husband frequently asks me if the bread we are eating is as good as bread from Spain, and I always tell him no. There is no way that there will ever be bread that is better than Yayo's Pan Caliente. 

When I saw these fantastic reusable bread totes on Ishtar Olivera's blog, it really brought back such good memories of living in Spain and having my daily bread. Hopefully someday I can make it back there, and when I do, I will bring with me a tote for my Pan Caliente! (Her site is in BOTH Castellano and English, she is really talented in so many ways!)

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ruthie said...

Hello there! I just wanted to say that I like your blog very much (I think we have similar taste) and that I'm from Spain so I understand what you say about "pan caliente".
Feliz Navidad!!