Speaking of Scandinavia, I just found the website of Sania Hedengren and Susanna Zacke and unfortunately my Swedish is a little rusty. Just kidding, I dont know any Swedish whatsoever. From what I gather, these women are stylists, interior designers possibly photographers? Regardless, their site has some AMAZING inspiration for the holidays and beyond.

Beautiful Tree with Crocheted Ornaments (note the wallpaper!)

Gorgeous White Presents with Red Ribbons

One House, Three Tree Ideas ( Love the Indian-inspired one on the left)

How Awesome are those Slipper Socks?
All images via// Sania Hedengren

The warmth of these photos is really helping me stay cozy on this frigid December day here in Philadelphia.


tci said...

Pretty!! And very Scandinavian.. I feel like every store in the city has this kind of Christmas style right now. you are right btw — they are interior stylists :)

Keep it up, Sarah!

iva yaneva said...

I love the huge white candles by the stairs! And those socks are lovely:) I have similar ones only in green - love to wear them around Christmas :)