Mini Valentines Now Available!

I am really excited about the cuteness level of these new little mini valentines I designed this past weekend. They are half the size of my normal cards, which make them perfect for passing out to your friends and potential suitors (no matter how many you might have). I am going to be giving them out with heart-shaped cherry lollipops that remind me of 3rd grade.

I used to love Valentine's Day so much when I was little, we would design "mailboxes" to put on our desks and our classmates would go around the room delivering candy to everyone. It was so much fun to  create my mailbox every year, one year I made a pin ball machine, one year a robot out of oatmeal canisters. One of the reasons I liked it so much was because it wasn't about boyfriends, or buying gifts, or trying to be romantic, it was just about fun! Did you have a special Valentine's Day tradition growing up? I also have other, full size Valentines available at RedRedOrange, check them out!

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