Valentines day again!?

It is hard to believe that it was already a year ago that I was posting these lovelies in the shop!

These will once again be available, along with a set of 8 mini cards that are perfect for giving to friends and loved ones. Those will be ready this weekend. I have a new design up my sleeve, but it isnt quite ready for its debut yet. I will keep you posted on that :)
On another note, I am having a hard time getting back in the swing of things after the holidays. I rarely have days off from work, and was recently blessed with TWO four day weekends that really should have been a recharge, but instead left me lethargic and restless. What is up with that!?


tci said...

Niiiiice! I love that you keep up with your "own" projects like this, Sarah. Happy selling! :)

RedRedOrange said...

Thanks! I love doing little projects, I have new mini card designs that will up this weekend in the shop :)