Super Fun Lighting- The Owls Are Hunting

Owls Are Hunting is featured right now on Madeit, the Australian equivalent of Etsy and I thought this shop was right up my alley. Started by Jo, who used to work in a bespoke furniture design company in England, Owls Are Hunting is lamp shop filled with a really fun mix of modern and vintage.

Owls Are Hunting, photo via// Madeit

All other photos via// The Owls Are Hunting

Here is a sneak peak into her work space, and a few photos of her gorgeous lamps. I think these would be really cute additions to a little girls room, don't you agree? I really adore her photography as well, The scenes she creates are fabulous.

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The Owls Are Hunting said...

Awwww thanks! How ace of you to put me on your blog! Jo :)