Treats for your Sweets

My husband loves three things; snowboarding, ice cream and surprises (in that order). This week he was lucky enough to get to enjoy all of them! Due to the crazy blizzards here in Philadelphia, he had to stay an extra day in Colorado (poor boy), so I planned a little surprise for his arrival home. You remember this post about M&M cookies? I took it to the next level... with ice cream!
Easy to make, delicious to eat. 

To make them, I started with Paper Seed's Vanishing Oatmeal M&M Cookie recipe (which is according to her, the recipe found on the inside lid of Quaker Oats). I had bought a 1.5" heart shaped cookie cutter from the local kitchen shop, so I made them a bit bigger than tablespoon each just to make sure there would be enough cookie to cut from.
Bake cookies and cool

Press hard to create hearts, eat scraps

Admire your work

Spoon softened ice cream onto one heart. Put the other heart on top and pop the finished sandwiches into the freezer to harden. I left them in there for about half an hour.



alli/hooray said...

Oh my gosh, this looks so good right now, just when I'm starting to get hungry for dinner!

Ps. Eat scraps + admire work, that's just what I like to do when I bake!

RedRedOrange said...

I am a professional scrap eater! I had to eat a couple of broken ones too, hate it when that happens :)

Colleen said...

This is the sweetest thing! And it looks delicious. Bet he loved them! I love all of your stages through the process.

tci said...

Hallelujah! Looks so hard to make though.. move to Oslo and make me some! ;-)