Escuela Primaria Gualan,Guatemala

We returned from our week long trip to Guatemala last night, which is always bittersweet. Every time we come back it really makes us take stock of what we have and to be grateful for: education, a roof over our heads, water when we are thirsty, or aspirin when our heads hurt. It makes us realize how much we consume, how much we judge, and how truly lucky we are to have our basic needs met. I hope you don't mind if I spend a part of the next few weeks sharing some of my experiences with you. To be honest, it is incredibly difficult to think about weddings and shopping and design for a couple of days after returning from a place where people struggle to feed their children. I promise to continue to bring you more design as well, but I think you will find my adventures to be inspirational (and quite unconventional).

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alli/hooray said...

Glad to hear your trip went well Sarah, looking forward to your posts about it. I feel like I left my heart in Mexico when I went on mission trips there, it changes your outlook on life!