I must say that our trip to Terrain exceeded even my expectations which were sky high. It was amazing! I didnt bring my camera so you will have to just trust me. Maybe I will go back soon and try to take some pictures secretly since i am pretty sure it is not allowed. Anyway, back to the subject at hand.
Julia and I found a whole section of the store devoted to the tiny little glass encased gardens, and we both really wanted to make them ourselves. Neither of us were completely confident in our abilities, so we passed over the $40 (but absolutely beautiful) glass balloons and cloches and instead used vases from the craft store (less than $2 each!).

The bottom layer of a dry terrarium (as opposed to a completely covered one) should be rocks to help the soil drain completely. Next put down a layer of organic potting soil.

Than add in some miniature plants. This one has a variety of mint, seedum and a mini jade pant!

To make it look really lush, add little bits of sheet moss (which is still living) and some tiny pebbles.  To care for a dry terrarium such as these, mist the plants and moss when the top layer of dirt and/or moss feels dry. I think mine needs a little gnome next, but I am going to make sure I can keep it alive before investing any more money :)

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