Holiday Stockings!

My niece and nephew are in need of their own special holiday stockings that they can look forward to hanging every year. This weekend my mom and I are going to "whip up" a couple for them. I put "whip up" in quotes because it will probably take us like 10 hours. Here are some beautiful ones I found on Martha Stewart to get the creative juices flowing:

Fringed Wool Stockings

Stockings adorned with Crocheted Snowflakes

Felt Stockings with Rick Rack Flowers

Knit Stockings
All Images via// Martha Stewart (click here for her list of stocking projects!)
Since I am a knitting novice, and have absolutely no idea how to crochet, we will be making ours out of felt using this pattern for the base. We will get creative with the decorating, so stay tuned for the results!

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Eliza Lynn Tobin said...

oh would be fun to see how your stockings come out. I don't have a stocking anymore and I've thought about making one before...but then I loose my motivation. So good for you!