Headboards of a Different Sort

Although we have been living in our home for more than two years, we still haven't had the time/energy/motivation/reason to really decorate our bedroom. Up until last weekend we didn't have bedside tables and were using window sills to hold our lamps and alarm clocks. I know, totally unacceptable!

Over the next few weeks we hope to tackle a couple of big projects: find/make/refurbish a headboard, paint/refinish our new bedside tables (more on that miracle later) and finally make everything look like it actually belongs there. Here is some alternative headboard inspiration I found on Casa Diez, a Spanish interior design magazine.

All Photos via// Casa Diez
Anyone have any more ideas for creating your own headboard? I would love to hear about them! Stay tuned for photos of our bedroom before (gasp) and updates on how we are sprucing things up!

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