Maps as Artwork

I recently saw this photo from Trisha Brink Design on the Decor8 website, and it really made me want a vintage map to hang above our bed.

Photo via// Trisha Brink Design, by way of Decor8

We have a globe next to our couch, and I love looking up places we hear about on the news and planning our next adventures. I love how Trisha's map is a pull-down style, it reminds me of elementary school. Here are some other options I found:

Mercator Projection map via// Vintage Maps

National Geographic map// via Art.com

17th Century World Map via// Art.com

Political World Map via// Allposters

While none of these are antiques, they are quite beautiful and affordable. I can see the brightly coored ones in a child's room, and happen to love the National Geographic map.


my2fish said...

I like your thinking!

for my dad's Christmas gift this year, I got a political map like the one you show, glued it to a 24"x36" corkboard, and then built a frame out of cherry for it. I then had a trophy shop make me a small plaque that was forest green, with a small brass reveal, that said "Go and make disciples of all nations", that I then attached to the bottom of the frame. I then also wrapped up a small box of little push pins.

He has hung it up in his home office, and can use the pushpins to mark all of the countries he has visited, either for vacation or for the many mission trips he has taken.


RedRedOrange said...

That is a great idea, Thad! I love the thought of covering that map with push pins to show where i have been and maybe a different color pin for where i want to go. On my wish list right now: Norway and Sweden to visit my friend Tina, and to Argentina to experience what I think might be the most beautiful place in the western hemisphere (even though i have never been there :)

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

I am totally digging the map as art look. I used to have a nice big one above my bed, but my ex took it with him :(

Thanks for stopping by my blog today, I'm looking forward to checking out the rest of your site as well!