Clinic at an elementary school- Gualán, Guatemala

My favorite day in Guatemala was Wednesday. The temperature dropped to a comfortable 90 degrees, and we set up clinic outside of the elementary school in Gualán.  I let my husband get his clinic station set up and took a few minutes to photograph the school children and their families.  I plan on sending prints of the kids back to the school.

The students quickly realized that they had visitors

and ran to the wrought iron bars that separated their classrooms from the open air.

This young man stood still and stared at me while I snapped away.

They patiently waited in line for their turn to have their teeth varnished with fluoride and to learn how to properly brush.

Girls stood in one line, acting far more mature than their seven years

While the boys did their best to entertain the guests!

The adults chatted in another area while they waited for the numbers to be handed out.

Stickers always help break up the wait.

Delicious fried bread with hot sauce will also do the trick.

I loved taking pictures of the kids in their uniforms.

And their great grandparents as well.

The cute kids were abundant...

and that was my Wednesday with the studious, vivacious, and lovely people of Gualán.

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These pictures are wonderful.