BYOB- arriving in style

Philadelphia has more than 200 Bring Your Own Bottle (BYOB) restaurants, and carrying your bottle in a paper bag is simply not going to cut it, especially now that it is rosé and sauvignon blanc season!
 Perfect for a nice bottle of Burgundy: Josh Jakus Felt Wine Pocket, at Uncommon Goods

For those nights when you can't decide red or white: Built Two Bottle Tote
If you want to rep your hood. Shout out to Bella Vista, what what! Map Totes Philly Bag
When you are going to get some mexican and want to keep your Negra Modelos bien frias: Built 6 Pack Tote
and my fave, for when its girls night out and nothing but bubbles will do! Veuve Sakura Blossom Ice Jacket

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juliajane said...

I need that veuve holder - immediately! and the bottle of rose wouldn't hurt either....