Miniature delights by Petit Plat

Some people are good at things I want to be good at, and other people are good at things I didn't even know existed. Take Stephanie of Petit Plat for example; she has a background in architecture but then one day got bored (her words, not mine) and decided to try making something special out of clay. Yes, these mouthwatering baked goods are actually made out of clay!
But wait, it gets better. Not only are they made out of clay, they are actually miniature versions of their life-sized counterparts. As in a ratio of 1:12, as in really really small. 

all photos via Petit Plat's Flickr
That is mind blowing enough for this Tuesday, I am sure that you will need to lay down after this. If you are looking to see more of Stephanie's amazing work, including tutorials, please head on over to her blog here, or her Etsy site here where you can purchase some super cute ice cream cone earrings!


tci said...

That is seriously some of the coolest I have seen in a long time! Nice blog post, Sarah:) The problem is that I´d rather eat them than wear them. Jammi!

Sumaya said...

haha wow those donuts look pretty real, and got me craving some now. interesting blog :) found thru design*spnge