The Haiti Poster Project and a Graduation

On Friday my husband graduated medical school with honors and I have never felt so proud in my life! 
In light of his achievement, I thought I would share some posters from The Haiti Poster Project to benefit Doctors Without Borders. Check out some of my faves:
A World United to Rebuild Haiti by Andy Mangold
Hope for Haiti by Jason Dean
Waves of Hope by Corina Bermudez

All of these designs and many, many more are available for purchase from The Haiti Poster Project. All profits benefit Doctors Without Borders.


tci said...

Beautiful!! Is Jon part of Doctors without Borders!? It makes me so happy that you are so proud of your husband. Adorable!:-)

RedRedOrange said...

Thanks! nope, not part of DWB yet, but someday he would love to. I think his experience in Guatemala really made him want to do more work abroad. Too bad you don't need any doctors in Oslo! :)

tci said...

Oslo has tons of foreign doctors, not from the US, but a lot from Sweden, Denmark, Polen, Germany, Russia etc. BTW, André wants to move to SF for work experience. Would be som crazy if we did!:-)