Birthday Invitations- Voting now open on Minted!

For the Make a Wish Birthday Party Photo Invitation contest over on Minted, I really wanted to do something completely different, and for me that means "boy stuff". I design a lot of "Man Stuff" in my day job and "Girl Stuff" for RedRedOrange but boys are uncharted territory:
Please note that the owl is roasting marshmallows. You see 'em? My husband came up with this idea and was very happy when I actually listened to him. He also asked for a bear clawing at the tent, just so you know what I am up against. 
I must tell you that I love this design. I love that it feels retro, I love the flags, I love that it makes me think of Italy for some weird reason. I LOVE it and I am pretty sure it actually looks like a car, which is the best feeling ever.

So, if you would like to help me out and go on over to Minted and rate my designs, as well as so many other good ones, click here! You can also click on the links under my designs above to jump right to them if you'd like :) 


alli/hooray said...

Oh, I love your retro race car design! I'll definitely be putting in my votes.

RedRedOrange said...

Thanks Alli! I love these contests, even if I get no sleep :)

appelmama said...

jon's owl roasting marshmellow idea is great! and i LOVE the vintage red car design. awesome job.