Friday Photo - Strawberry Jam!

Tomorrow I am taking a canning class with Marisa, where she will teach us the basics of preserving food and how not to die of botulism in the process.  I have been shoving berries down my gullet for the last few weeks because they are only available locally for a few months of the year, so I am super excited to learn how to make strawberry jam. My only experience with canning was when my mother (bless her heart) and I attempted to make pickles when I was seven. We used the wrong kind of salt and result was gag-worthy. I am determined to get it right so that I can one day be that mom/aunt/grandma who has a secret pickle recipe that she only gives to her family members. People will break into my house to try to find it but they will fail. It will be all stored up in my brain.


LBB said...

Hi Sarah,
Thanks for visiting my blog! Yes, I do live in Northern MN, but originally from the Twin Cities too... :)
Hope the canning class went well! I'd love to do some real canning too! I make strawberry freezer jam every summer and it's so good!

RedRedOrange said...

ooo I want to hear more about your freezer jam! Tonight I try blueberry Jam... on my own. Should be interesting if not completely messy:) Thanks for visiting!