Paris Market and Brocante, Savannah

I didn't make any sort of must-see list or itinerary for our trip to Savannah which is very unlike me. I figured the place was small enough to wander around and run into some unexpected surprises, which we did! I knew Forsyth park was on the way to our awesome dinner spot, Local 11 Ten, and that I wanted to check out ShopSCAD but that was the extent of my planning. Shocking. It was during our wandering that I stumbled into The Paris Market and Brocante, a very serendipitous event indeed! I would call it a sort of Anthropologie-esque home store filled with curiosities and treasures. They also have a soda fountain where you can get lavender lemonade! It was amazing as evidenced by the following:
Great stationery section with this cute idea for using japanese masking tape
I didn't get the focus quite right on this one, but these Moulin Rouge style lights were awesome!
Pretty journals disguised a match boxes
The basement area is filled with beautiful displays and archways, I loved these letters
I wanted to take that turquoise vanity home with me, and one of those wire pendants
Tons of old school toys, including this sewing kit which I secretly want even though it is for 5 year olds.
I love the hand drawn "29" in the bottom center
Saving the best for last, their windows were filled with spider webs of colored string that books floated from. Gorgeous! If you are in Savannah I would recommend carving out a couple of hours to visit!

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LBB said...

That looks like such a neat shop to visit! And I always love to see the window displays too! Very creative!