Stockings Complete!

A few days ago, I mentioned that my mom and I were going to attempt this. Well we did, and they turned out even better than planned! We used the pattern Martha provided, but enlarged it about 180%, and chose not to fold the tops over (your stocking has to be big enough for wooden spoons and soup ladles if you are part of my family. That is the law. Even if you are only 5 months old).  I purchased some Wollfilz felt from Purl, including some bigger pieces for the stockings themselves, and a couple of color bundles for the decorations. Yes, it was expensive, but we have enough left over to make more!

My mom is not daring when it comes to baking (she always follows the recipe to the letter) but when it comes to sewing apparently she lets loose. We traced the pattern for our seams, but she freestyled the edge pinking. It was madness.

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